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What is Torrenting?

You probably have seen the words Torrenting and Torrent a lot if you are using a VPN. Did you ever wonder What is Torrenting? and how do I use Torrenting? 
Today in this article you'll get the answers to those questions. 


Before we answer those questions here are some interesting facts about Torrenting

  • BitTorrent has over 170+ million users and  Approximately 3.35% is handled through BitTorrent
  • Users use BitTorrent to files like movies, books, games and other files


So what is Torrenting now? Torrenting is a sort of P2P network where users can download files from a Torrent server. 

Torrenting is used to download files globally from a server. Everyone can access these servers and download files. 

Not only can a user download from a Torrent server but a user can download from the same Torrent facilitating.  Every peer(P2P) works together to reduce the network load.

This process is called Torrenting.

Let's dive some deeper into Torrenting. As I mentioned earlier Torrenting is a sort of P2P network. But what is a P2P network? 

 A P2P network(Peer to Peer) is literally what the mean. Peer to Peer. From one PC to the other PC. Below you'll find the most common terms in P2P.

  • Peers: All the users that are sharing files from the same Torrent facilitating. 
  • Seeders: A user is downloading and uploading from the Torrent server at the same time.
  • Indexers: A indexer is a website that works as a search engine for Torrent files. Popular indexers are Piratebay and Torrentz
  • Trackers:  Trackers are the middlemen between a user and an Indexer. Trackers send you the packages(files) from the indexer to the user(peer)
  • Swarms:  Swarms are a number of files that are downloading at the same time.
  • Torrent client:  One of the main requirements of Torrenting is the presence of a Torrent client. There are many Torrent client. One of the most used client is 'Utorrent'.

There are more terms but the above terms are the most used terms in Torrenting.








Why using Torrenting?

There are a couple of reasons why people use Torrenting. You may be thinking why should I use Torrent if I can get malware. 

Well, there are a couple of reasons why people use Torrenting. 

  1.  Torrenting is free of use and there no monthly fees and downloading doesn't cost a dime
  2. A Torrent server is 24/7 up and running and if you're downloading is interrupted another Torrent server will support the download process.
  3. You can manage your downloads with stop and resume.
  4.  Downloading through Torrent can be faster depending on the Seeder
  5. You can download multiple files at once with Torrenting.



Torrenting and safety

Another question you'll see a lot is Is Torrenting Safe? 

Well if you download files from a server worldwide where most people can access. It is possible that you're file is 

  1.  Infected by malware
  2. Exploit system vulnerabilities 
  3. Exposing your personal data
  4. Legal issue's

You should always be careful when you are Torrenting. You can better be safe than sorry.

If you are using Torrenting you should always use P2P VPN. With a VPN you're safer to Torrenting.

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