Torrenting with VPN
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Torrenting with VPN

Earlier this week we had disguised about 'What is Torrenting'. Today I am going to explain how you can use Torrenting with VPN. If you don't know what Torrenting is I suggest you read my article what is Torrenting? first. 

I assume you know what Torrenting is. Let's jump into the article

First of all, we gonna need of few things before we can go to Torrenting with a VPN. 

  1.  A VPN I'll be using Surfshark VPN
  2. uTorrent or BitTorrent(You can download uTorrent HERE), If you are using BitTorrent you can earn BTT.  
  3. Internet connection

That's is everything we need to go Torrenting with a VPN. 


Torrenting with VPN

Now we'll have all the requirements for Torrenting with a VPN. Follow the steps below and you'll be surprised how easy Torrenting can be.

  1.   Connect to your VPN. Most VPNs have the option 'Connect to the fastest server'
  2.   Then we need a Torrenting website. You can use or any other Torrent server
  3.   Search the file(movie, music, etc) you want to download. 

Search function Torrent

        4. After you've searched and found your file it is now time to download your file.


We are almost finished the only thing we need to do is downloading the Torrent file with the Torrent software.

Now, do we have a Torrent file and the Torrent software. It is time to go to Torrenting with VPN. 

Start your Torrent software, If you're using uTorrent you'll be prompted to the main screen. You'll see on the left side a menu bar. Click on the 'Download' button. 

U-torrent download interface

You'll be redirected to the download screen of uTorrent. Now you see a screen with a couple of buttons and icons in the middle of the screen. Click now on the + button. If you hover over the button it stands 'add Torrent'. 

After you've clicked on the button now you choose your downloaded file from earlier. And click Select. 

uTorrent download


There will be a screen prompted with some information(Name of the video, size, destination folder, etc).  After you have chosen your destination file you can now click on 'Ok'.

Your download has been started. It could take a couple of minutes depending on your Internet connection and your VPN. 

Congratulations with your first Torrenting with VPN. 



Why are you using Surfshark?

Well, I've been using Surfshark for a couple of months now and I'm very satisfied. My internet connection is stable and the performance is hardly changed. 

What convinced me using Surfshark was the price. I only pay 1.87 euros

If you are curious you can read my Surfshark review 

Of course, most paid VPN will do the job. 



Torrenting with VPN isn't that hard and if you have done it once you'll probably going to do it again. 

You should always use a NO-LOG-POLICY VPN if you are going to Torrenting

Happy Torrenting 

NOTE: I'm not responsible for your actions and