Surfshark review

Surfshark VPN review

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Surfshark review

The last month I've been using Surfshark and today I'll be sharing my Surfshark review for 2020. In this review, I'll be talking about performance, features, pricing and lots of more. 

If you want to read my Surfshark review from 2019 you can find is HERE 

Let's go to the Surfshark review from 2020. Surfshark is founded in 2018 and is only 2 years old. Surfshark is already a big player on VPN ground and VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN have taken years to accomplish what Surfshark did in only 2 years. 

Surfshark has over 1040+ servers in 61+ countries. Further you can pay with the following methods: Credit card, iDeal, PayPal,Google/Amazon pay, CryptoCurreny(BTC,ETH and XRP) and sofort

In the table above we can find a quick overview of some of the features of Surfshark. 

That's enough talk let's jump into the Surfshark review.


Surfhark performance

One of the most important features of VPN services is performance. The last thing you want is that you're Internet slowing down because of your VPN. 

I've tested Surfshark. I'm connected through an Ethernet cable that's connected directly to my router.

ConnectedDownload speedUpload SpeedPing
Not connected 40.49Mbps 7.47Mbps 42ms
Speed test 41.89Mbps 7.39Mpbs 57.2ms


The thirst thing you'll probably notice is that with a VPN my download speed is a couple of Mbps stronger. I've tested with the following website's speedtest and

Both websites give my similar result and by some speed tests, I got a download speed of 35Mbps. I've taken the highest speed test. 

You may wonder how is that possible? well, most ISP are monitoring and auditing your packets. Sometimes an ISP has a filter where they can filter out websites that is blocked or prohibited for your country. With the VPN on I bypass the ISP and so there filter. The filtering takes some time(ms) and without the filtering is my Internet connection faster.

Not only is performance important but streaming is just as important to. I've been testing Surfshark with streaming to. Everyone knows Netflix and it is the biggest streaming service in the world. Surfshark has up to 15 libraries for Netflix.

I'm a great fan of NCIS but unfortunately, NCIS isn't available for my country(NL) on Netflix. Then I've started Surfshark connected to a USA server and cleared my cache and I now can watch NCIS. I can watch NCIS with no throttling because of the outstanding performance. 


Surfshark Features

Surfshark has multiple features that come in handy. Outside the standard features like privacy and anonymity, Surfshark offers more features like BlindSearch, HackLock and many more. I've tested all the features and share my results with you. 

Anonymity/privacy:  I won't go too much in depth. I went to and I got my public IPv4 and ISP which were both correct. After I turned on my VPN and connected to a USA server my ISP, country, and IPv4 were all changed.


BlindSearch: You can see BlindSearch as an incognito mode for your browser. BlindSearch is completely ad free. BlindSearch uses an algorithm that uses the Bing API to get your search results. The same principle is used by DuckDuckGo(Bing API). 

The disadvantage is that the Google API is much better and will get you better search results then the Bing API. Another disadvantage is that BlindSearch only available is for websites and not available for apps. BlindSearch will be available in v2 in a few months(accordingly to the support). 

BlindSearch has just as all the other products from Surfshark a NO-LOG-POLICY


HackLock: HackLock keeps you up-to-date if your personal information has been breached. If your information has been breached HackLock will let you know and you can take action. You need to go to the HackLock dashboard and fill in your email. After that HackLock will search the Internet if your personal data has been breached. 

HackLock and BlindSearch aren't in the default package from Surfshark and you can buy them additionally for $0.99 (€0.95) /mo. That will come down to $12 extra each year.


CleanWeb: CleanWeb is an all in one security system for your browser. CleanWeb will take care of the following 

  • Block annoying pop-ups: 
  • Ad Blocker:
  • Discard suspicious links:
  • Prevent phishing attempts:
  • Save mobile data:

I've used the CleanWeb and first I was skeptical especially for the pop-up blockers. It worked not all the time but for 80% of the time, CleanWeb blocked the pop-up. 

The features of CleanWeb 'Save mobile data' works as follows: CleanWeb blocks the Ads and Trackers. Ads and Trackers will costs you your mobile data. CleanWeb blocked all my ads and trackers. CleanWeb is available for Apps as for the PC.


GPS Spoofing: You can be tracked through your IP address. With a VPN your IP is changed. But what if you're on a mobile device. You still have GPS coordinates that can locate you. GPS spoofing will take care of that and spoof your GPS coordinates. If you use GPS spoofing you can't use some phone functions like google-maps or any other app that require your real coordinates


NO-LOG-POLICY: Surfshark has a strict NO-LOG-POLICY which means that Surfshark won't log your connection or your activity logs. 


Whitelister: With the Whitelister feature you can exclude an app or website to your VPN.  You can turn on your VPN and whitelist, for example, your banking app. When you visited your banking app the bank gets your real IP instead of the VPNs IP and when you visited Candy Crush they receive the VPNs IP. This process is also called split tunneling.


Multihop: With Multihop you connect via multiple countries at once to take your privacy and anonymity to the next level. 


Compatible: Surfshark is compatible with the following devices: 

A small piece of all the compatible devices from Surfshark. Check here all the compatible devices
Surfshark is not only compatible with the default OS and devices. Surfshark is compatible with smart TV, game console's and Trust DNS.



Other functions that speak for themself: 

  • Internal kill switch 
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Private DNS & leak protection
  • NoBorders mode(access content from other country's)
  • Secure protocols: IKEv2, IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Connect unlimited devices
  • 30 day money back guerantee no questions asked.
  • 24/7 customers service

You can take a look at the features right here Surfshark features


Surfshark user interface

A user interface isn't that important for the experienced user but for a beginner, it is nice to have Plug and Play software. Plug and Play software as the words it says just plug(download) and play(power button). 

You can download the software by Surfshark download

After you've downloaded and login to your software you will see this 

Surfshark pc interface

We can see I'm already connected but the only you need to do is click on connect. The software will search for the fastest server. 

On the top of screen, we can see some of the features like multihop. By the features section, you can control your features Whitelister, BlindSearch(If you purchased the option), etc. 

In the settings, we can turn the kill switch on or off. By default, the kill switch is turned on. Also, we can change the protocols for our VPN. 

Surfshark app interface

The user interface of the Surfshark looks very similar and functional it works the same. 



In this Surfshark review we have talked about performance, features pricing and streaming. If we compare Surfshark with other VPN services and take a closer look at price/quality Surfshark is one of the big winners in my opinion.
The performance are good(In my case even better but that is ISP matter), You can watch netflix from 15 different libraries and with all the features(if you buy them additionally) you can create your own privacy/anonimity network.

I hope I informed you about Surfshark. Curious about my previous Surfshark review? You read here my Surfshark review 2019. If you like this Surfshark article share it with your friends.